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On buying a house in Le Marche

Posted by Liliana Pivato on 18 October 2016
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Le Marche is experiencing a second wave of buyers this year, mostly from Northern Europe; seekers of sun and good living and of course the very beauty and diversity of Italy itself. They are buying into a market where prices have dropped considerably over the past six years and this, combined with the number of houses which have been restored during the past ten years, has produced a veritable buyers market

And after all, Italia is still Italia. Le Marche is a wonderful place to live and this very simple fact is drawing buyers who are finding a wealth of restored property on the market. What’s more it is not just a money and investment crusade which is driving them, but instead a calm and considered search for lifestyle; folks wishing to come here who are seeking a better quality of life, clean air, good food, low population, excellent and stress free communication (by air, train, car) and kind people too. They are coming to stay.

One other factor worth mentioning too, is the quality of the internet here, it’s important nowadays as we all know, and companies like Fidoka  linking up most all of Le Marche to broadband, allowing newcomers to work and connect remotely to their countries of origin, for work, or family contact.

It is about life choice. Beauty, healthy living and safety have become increasingly important to quality of life and wellbeing

Le Marche truly is a superb place to buy and live

The Italians refer to it as the ‘whole of Italy in one Region’



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‘A great place to buy, a wonderful place to live’



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