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Stories from Le Marche

Posted by Liliana Pivato on 10 May 2016
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Today a hare arrived in our garden. She sat under our Poppy tree for hours munching grass and daises. The cats paid no notice at all. I phoned my husband and he said it was most likely a rabbit escaped from a hutch of our neighbours, but when I described it, long legs, big ears, he said it’s a hare for sure, and we have seen her about on our hill a few times since. Yesterday he saw a bullfinch, rushed inside for the binoculars, but it zoomed off before he could get a close view.  And now, bit by bit, the animals are returning to our valley as we restore our garden, which did not even exist three years ago when we first moved here from the mountains of Le Marche; porcupines, badgers, black squirrels and species of birds we have never seen before.

Le Marche is where I live, it is my home, in this province of Macerata in the heart of Italy  where the life and the environment are still on a human scale, where the landscape is still as it ever ; well-maintained and cultivated fields, alternating with forests and splatterings of ancient woodland.
Sudden glimpses of the sea, hills and mountains and hilltop villages dotted here and there, towns still maintaining their medieval character, intact in their almost ancient lifestyles. There are the cities of Macerata, Civitanova Marche, Tolentino, San Severino, Ancona, each offering a quiet but rich life culturally and historically, as well as keeping the architecture and dignity of the past.
The agriculture, livestock farming, fisheries, and food and wine are of unique quality offering a diversity of products, and many now organic, where you can  almost feel and taste the love and care of our people in their respect of their land and traditions.

I am happy to help you in your search for a new house and a new life.

I am happy too to show you our land and its open spaces, its wide countryside between the mountains and the sea, its marvellous towns, its lifestyles.

And with passion, experience, and professionalism, my team select cottages, villas, farmhouses, castles and prestigious properties for you to discover for yourselves

This is my first blog and one which hopefully serves as an introduction to my new website. The first of a series which will paint for you a picture of what it is like to live in this place that I love.

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