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Postato da Liliana Pivato on 4 aprile 2017
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My new monthly blogs will highlight opportunities for bargain hunters in this beautiful part of Le Marche.

Local owners have been slow to realise what is happening internationally in the property world, and the price dips which have occurred in other parts of Europe are only slowly happening here. But happening they are.

So look out for my monthly updates and spot an investment opportunity. And not just money bargain property. I will also be highlighting property of exceptional quality and value too.

This month’s property of the month is Villa Elegante

This is a really lovely property and a real bargain at a reduced price , it is immediately habitable, partly furnished too.There are four bedrooms and a separate apartment and a large swimming pool. Importantly, it comes with anti seismic structuring, a matter of importance what with recent events. Also the house can command a summer rental for four months which adds to its investment potential.

Description and photo and link to page villa elegante

Isn’t it about time you thought seriously about living in Le Marche? It is the calmest, most serene and healthy part of Europe. Pure air, water, food, and with both sea and mountains close by.



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‘ Le marche a great place to buy, a wonderful place to live’

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